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May the love of God, redeem you from all evil, the love of Jesus Christ hold you fast when all else fails, and the friendship of the Spirit keep you in perfect peace, now and ever more. Amen.

Building a sense of community seems to be one the basic foundations in the organic development of a person; a space where we matter, are valued and are presented with opportunities to grow as well; Out of Curiosity shows some insightful views of the lifestyle of some communities in Europe.

We are adding more ways to collaborate with our church, safe e-transfer and bank check options are now possible; for more information see a comprehensive list of the multiple ways in which you can support St Andrew’s. We are always grateful for your contribution through our account in Canada Helps!

Check out what’s going on at our community in TWASA and The Link. You can’t miss them!

September 2020 Issue


We are now testing a live streaming platform: Pastor Mitch and Christine live streamed parts of the service Sunday morning, August 30. Tests will keep going in the next few weeks; we’ll keep you posted.


Jason McCoy and friends performed at their homes in different parts of the world during the lockdown in late April, they recorded and produced the song in only 16 days, a “true labour of work” as they call it. Enjoy.

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