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May we trust God as God trusts us. Feel welcome to our service!

Today’s reading is taken from Genesis 22, 1 – 14. Reflect on it, and after that, let’s visit Israel ; we’ll stand on a hill located between Jerusalem and Beersheba; watch the place where, first Isaac and then Jesus, carried woods for their sacrifice.

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Listen to what two recent high school graduates have to say about racial literacy: “If you don’t go searching for an education about race, for racial literacy, you won’t get it. It won’t just come to you…there are two big gaps in our racial literacy…The heart gap, or the inability to understand each of our experiences, and…”

Cybersecurity is a set of practices that will have a space on our website as more and more of our daily routines have begun to take place on the internet.

Today’s reminder: If you didn’t expect an email, be very skeptical, and in doubt, reject it.

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