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May your eternal love for us be a source of inspiration to live the miracle of sharing and faith in our daily life.

Using a little bread and fish to satisfy over five thousand people is certainly miraculous. Believing in human’s inherent capacity to share while in the middle of difficulties can create miracles, too. The reading today certainly gives us plenty food for thought and meditation. Also in this very section, learn about Sing Gently, a vision that grows as time goes by; this year this initiative united around 17000 folks from different nationalities despite (or precisely because of) the pandemic despair and prolonged isolation. Get ready for a treat in Out of Curiosity.

Check out what’s going on at our community in TWASA and The Link. You can’t miss them!

(Extra Pandemic Edition)


Careful what you wish for… !


How to encourage altruism in individuals and in society? Matthieu introduces some very practical suggestions and develops a solid case with humour and of course, altruism.

Cybersecurity is a set of practices that will have a space on our website as more and more of our daily routines have begun to take place on the internet. Follow safe practices when receiving emails.

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